Seth & Laura (Miars) Proctor

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Michiana Youth Ministries has been many things to me over the last thirteen plus years. It provided L.O.G., the first place I translated an intellectual concept of God into an actual experience of God’s love.  It was a family of people that both challenged and supported my young faith while providing examples of how faith in adulthood could work.

What L.O.G. is to me has changed dramatically as I have grown older.  It never ceases to impress me just how caring our youth can be.  After a long day of dealing with customers, coworkers, or other business contacts it’s amazing how much the energy and positive attitude of the youth re-energizes me.  It has been an absolute blessing in my life to watch them explore and grow their faith.

I have never seen a tool so effective at showing God’s love to others than the LOG program.  Watching our youth discover that a relationship with God is more than sitting through a sermon in church is inspiring. Watching them then join team to share that experience with their friends is absolutely incredible.

Giving our area youth an opportunity to see an example of God’s love firsthand is priceless.  Helping them to build a faith and share that faith only increases the value I place in MYM.  I am truly honored with the opportunity to serve in person and directly observe the benefits created by the program. Michiana Youth Ministries continues to be an incredible blessing and service to the Michiana community, and to all the corners of the world where our alumni end up.

Unfortunately the program can’t be sustained by love and good will.  It cannot survive on hugs, laughter, and singing.  Therefore I ask that you join Laura and me in supporting the alumni fund – – becoming the roots that enable L.O.G. to continue into the future, sharing God’s love with new generations of youth.

Blessings and Love

Seth Proctor (LOG #8) and Laura Proctor (LOG #10)

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