Purpose and Belief Statement

Michiana Youth Ministries, Inc.
Statement of Purpose and Belief

Michiana Youth Ministries strives to give participants opportunities to build a foundation for a spiritual life that lasts a lifetime.  Through their experiences, MYM participants will have a deeper relationship with God and will use their faith as a resource for support and guidance.  MYM envisions that participants will grow into caring, responsible adults who are leaders in their professions, community and faith.

Michiana Youth Ministries offers high school students peer-led weekend retreats in which they can experience the love of God, enjoy Christian community and grow in servant leadership.

To offer the youth of Michiana opportunities for

  • experiencing God’s love
  • enjoying Christian community
  • growing deeper in faith
  • becoming servant leaders
  • sharing what we’ve found

MYM sponsors L.O.G. (Love Of God) for senior high youth— an ecumenical, Christian program highlighted by special weekend retreats and camps.  Hallmarks of the program are that it involves youth from many churches, schools and communities and encourages youth leadership and peer-to-peer sharing.

MYM is committed to encouraging youth and young adults in their journey of Christian faith. We offer experiences in fellowship and intentional Christian community that provide opportunities to learn about and reflect on the basics of the Christian faith. We seek to show and live out God’s grace and love in all we do.

MYM accepts youth to participate in our programs without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin or sexual orientation.  We will do our best to accommodate youth with disabilities or special needs.

MYM is non-denominational – participants and Team members come from churches of many Christian faith traditions. We seek to be open and accepting of differences in theological and denominational perspectives and strive to focus on commonly held beliefs rather than on areas of disagreement.

We invite participation from seekers and committed Christians alike.  We encourage youth to connect with a local church where they can continue to be nurtured in the depth and breadth of their beliefs and give expression to their faith commitment through worship, service and leadership.

 Belief Statement
We believe that there is one God, eternally existent and known to us in the persons of the Trinity:  Father, Son and Holy Spirit – – Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer. We believe people are forgiven for sin and receive eternal life through a repentant relationship with Jesus Christ, which evidences itself in obedient, faithful living.

We believe that the Bible is the written Word of God that we can trust to be the unique and authoritative witness to God’s presence and activity in the world. The Bible is God’s story and at the same time our story and relevant for our lives as it is revealed to us through the power and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that the Church is the incarnation of Christ in the world. The People of God as the Church become the stronghold in which we are nurtured and nourished and the agency by which people are drawn into relationship with and reconciled to God and then empowered to be the Body of Christ in the world.

Reaffirmed by the MYM Board of Directors
April 2013

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