Pre-Camp Info (CASB)

Here are some things you need to know
before attending a L.O.G. weekend

When does the LOG weekend begin?
Participants are to arrive at Career Academy South Bend between 7:00pm and 7:15pm on the Friday evening of the LOG weekend. The address for CASB is 3801 Crescent Circle, South Bend, IN 46628.  Please enter by door #L.  Click here for directions.  Please eat dinner before you arrive.  Late arrivals, please call – Rev. Terry McBride at 574-274-5990.

How do I get to the LOG weekend?
First-time participants may not drive to LOG. If you need help arranging transportation to or from the weekend, please contact Rev. Terry McBride at 574-274-5990 or

What should I bring?
• sleeping bag and pillow
• single-sized air mattress or sleeping pad (we sleep on the floor)
• toothbrush and other overnight stuff
• towel for showers
• swim suit – we recommend you shower in a swim suit for modesty in crowded locker room
• sleep mask or bandana for your eyes – lights are motion sensitive and often come on at night
• casual clothes
• slippers (optional)

What should I NOT bring?
• valuables or money (you will not need more than $5.00)
• cell phones or electronics (if you do, they will be collected and held for the weekend)
• illegal substances, cigarettes, fireworks or weapons.

How can I be reached during the LOG weekend?
We will ask you to turn in your cell phone for the weekend.  If someone needs to reach you, they can contact Rev. Terry McBride – 574-274-5990 who will leave his cell phone on 24 hours a day during the weekend.

I’m really busy – can I leave for my practice or rehearsal?
Because the events of the LOG weekend build on each other, and because each participant will be a part of a small group that will meet together throughout the weekend, it is not possible for first-time participants to come late, leave early or miss any portion of the weekend retreat.

What about my homework for the weekend?
The weekend will be a full and exciting – so there won’t be any time for doing homework. And you are likely to be quite tired when you get home! It is advisable to ask your teachers to give you your assignments early so you can work on them in advance of the weekend – or ask for extensions so you don’t have homework due Monday morning. Most teachers will respond positively if you explain that you will be attending a spiritual weekend retreat.

When is the LOG weekend over?
Your parents are encouraged to come to our Closing Celebration on Sunday afternoon of the LOG weekend. They should arrive at Career Academy South Bend between 4:00 pm and 4:15pm.  The Closing Celebration usually is over around 5:30 pm.

If your parents are unable to attend the Closing Celebration, ask them to pick you up at 6:00 pm.  Or, they may allow you to ride home with another student or family – but must write and sign a letter of consent and send it with you to the LOG weekend.

What if I have to cancel?
If you have completed the registration process and need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible. Your registration fee cannot be refunded, but can be applied to a future LOG weekend.

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