Natalie Dreyer

Natalie Natalie-old

I have been donating monthly since L.O.G. #50. Some of you may know that this has been through my time as an intern and as an AmeriCorps member (aka VERY little income). What I realized was that setting aside a small amount a month – the equivalent of a coffee and bagel – was something that was important to me. I like that Terry chose the theme of “roots” because L.O.G. was and is a strong part of my root system. It helped ground me during the chaotic time of High School and created a strong foundation for me to grow and flourish. I know that it did the same thing for many others. As we get older and farther away from L.O.G. it is easy to forget what it meant to us “back then”. Some look back from where they are now and struggle to remember why they spent all of their time at L.O.G. and all of their friends were from that group.  But when I returned to work with the team process, I saw teenagers going through the same things I did, and finding a home and a strong root system in L.O.G.

I will continue to support monthly. I hope you do too.

Natalie Dreyer (LOG 12)

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