LOG Weekends

LOG is a peer-led youth weekend that focuses on affirmation, sharing, caring, and the love of God – an experience in intentional Christian community.

Each LOG weekend is planned by a team of high school students and adult advisors. The students invite their friends to attend and then lead the retreat for them.

LOG is a full weekend – not much free time or recreation – no time for homework etc. And it is a fun weekend – but the fun comes in the sense of community that grows very quickly and the depth of friendships that are formed by sharing these couple of days together.

We sing a lot – pray often – share and listen the most. The teenagers will hear 14 talks over the 48 hours of a LOG weekend. They cover a wide range of topics – all focused around what it means to be in relationship with God and how that makes a difference in one’s life.

The talks include such topics as …
– Who Am I, and Why Am I Here?
– Who Am I, and What’s Important to Me?
– Experiencing the Love of God
– Pressures and Influences
– Obstacles
– Receiving and Responding to the Love of
– Agape
– Relationships: Family and Friends
– Relationships: Dating & Loving
– Christian Community & Worship
– Prayer
– Gifts and Responsibilities / Choices and Priorities
– Keeping What You’ve Found

After each talk, there is an opportunity for the youth to sit with a small group of people (the same people all weekend) and discuss what was said and how it applies to their personal life.

Please understand that participants must stay for the entire weekend experience. If your child needs to leave for any reason (sports practice, choir concert, work etc) s/he should wait to attend the next LOG weekend.

Families and friends are invited and encouraged to attend our closing celebration on Sunday afternoon of the LOG weekend.

Youth leaders / pastors are welcome most any time during the weekend – please coordinate exact times before coming to the camp.

Following each LOG, first time participants are welcome to commit to serve on the Team and invite their friends to attend the next LOG weekend.

For more information, please contact Rev. Terry McBride – 574-274-5990.

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