LOG Letters

Just a quick reminder that we are hoping you’ll get 5-7 letters to us that we can give your son or daughter at a LOG weekend.

You may give us up to seven letters – at least one good letter from Mom or Dad (or better yet, one from both).  Other letters may be from anyone who loves your child.  We discourage your asking a teen who has not been through the program so it can remain a surprise should your child invite that friend to attend a subsequent LOG.

The letters are an opportunity for you (and other special people in his or her life) to write to tell him or her that you love h/h – to affirm h/h, encourage h/h, share with h/h your hopes and dreams for h/h, let h/h know how you see God working in h/h life or how God has touched you through h/h. The letters will be private – he or she will not be asked to read it aloud or share it with anyone.

We ask for 5-7 letters because we deliver the letters (plus other surprises from our LOG Team) seven different times during the weekend and think that it’s wonderful to have a special letter from someone who loves him or her in each (or most) of those deliveries.

Each letter should be sealed in a separate envelope with his or her first and last name on the outside and then all of them placed in an envelope or bag for transport to us.

You may bring them to the weekend when you bring him or her:
– just wait a few minutes after he / she goes inside the building,
– then follow him / her in and give the letters to one of the Team members.

If you are not bringing him / her to the weekend, please send them (as a surprise) with whoever brings him / her – or contact me to discuss getting them to me by snail mail or fax.

Looking forward to a great weekend …

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