Emily (Boughton) & Ronnie Collins

emily3 Emily-old
The value for me was initially the community. That’s what drew me in.

I had just come off of a huge God-growth year, and jumped at the chance to be around people who would be a good influence on me and not drag me down, back into old habits. They were people my age who were going through the same kinds of experiences I was going through, and who could inspire me through their faith.

It also provided a tangible experience of all the spiritual/theoretical/”head” stuff I had learned, about God’s love for me.

Now, as an adult advisor to the teens, it provides me with a challenge to keep my faith sharpened. I strive to be able to articulate why I believe what I believe, and to support young people as they solidify their own beliefs.

LOG wasn’t the only faith-grower in my life (Campus Crusade for Christ played a huge role once I got to college), but it was a big part of high school, and I value that.

This is why my husband and I continue to support MYM any way we can. Currently, this takes the form of time (acting as adult advisors to the Team) and treasure (regular monthly donations). We started out with $5/month, and have increased as our finances and other commitments have allowed. So how about it? Can YOU do $5/month?

Emily (Boughton) Collins  (LOG #8)

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