Brad & Sara (Hill) Voth

Sara&Brad2  Sara-old

When visiting my parents and tucking my two young children in to my childhood bed, they began to ask me about all the pictures of smiling groups of teens and scraps with sayings on them stuck in the sides of my dresser’s mirror. “Who are those people?” they wanted to know. They pointed out the ribboned strand of dried corsages, the art work taped to my closet door, the fuzzy yarn ball necklace hanging from a doorknob. All of these things call back to my high school years. That silly fuzzy ball was the peak of their attraction. Tossing it back and forth and tickling each other with it reminded me of the love that I experienced through being a team member and co-leader for the L.O.G. Retreats in high school. It was there, with those pictured people around my mirror, where we learned to cry with and for each other, work together as a team to delegate progress and develop our gifts. We sang out loud and out of tune and made a beautiful ruckus for a Heavenly audience. We listened to each other’s awe-inspiring talks from enthusiastic young minds. We gathered together in prayer, in agape thanksgiving, in awe of the mystery of faith. We connected with our Maker in our time and in our place.

It is difficult to describe the depth of emotion I experienced while watching my children play with the warm fuzzy. It was through this connection my husband and I met. And likewise, how they both came to be. Our four year old daughter has special needs and many health challenges behind, and ahead. I believe with all my heart that the faith connection that brought my husband and I together almost a decade ago was kindled so we could allow God to guide us through our challenges together. L.O.G. May not have been where I first met God, but I believe it is where I first connected with his Spirit within me and within others. And this is what excites me still, everyday.

Please join Brad and me by becoming the roots by which the LOG program can continue to bear fruit in the Michiana community.”

Sara (Hill) Voth  (LOG #10)

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