Amber (Heatherly) & Dan Dykema

Amber-ok Amber-old

My husband has never participated in a LOG event but he knows the program is something dear to my heart. He knows the program was a huge part of my life growing up and he is aware of a large circle of friends I have today that has participated in the program. Although he’s never experienced it, we chose to support MYM and LOG. My experience of being accepted, loved and challenged all came from L.O.G. I learned it was ok to share with people my life story, and all the struggles I had gone through. I meet people from all over the area, and when I run into them now (11 years later) it brings a smile to my face. Anything and everything we do costs money, in some way someone has to pay. My first time to LOG someone paid my way and I don’t know who it was but they changed my life. God’s grace and acceptance for who we are is taught on a LOG weekend or team meeting. That’s something many teenagers (and adults) are searching for. For that reason we decide to donate, to give another young person love, the love they need through people. Just thinking about it now makes me want to sit and sing a song together, “Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord”

Amber (Heatherly) Dykema (LOG #10)

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