Let’s See A Show Of Hands


Next weekend there are three special opportunities for you to serve …

Saturday, February 17 – Valentine for Bashor Home
Share the love of God and your friendship.  We’ll play some games and have a brief devo as a way of letting the youth of Bashor Home know how much they are loved.  It really means a lot to them when we come down, so sign up at the next team meeting or contact Terry ASAP.

Sunday, February 18 – Winter Walk for St. Margaret’s House
“Walk a mile in her shoes” means walk a mile to make a difference for all women and children walk wherever they go – even in the worst of the winter weather.  St. Margaret’s House is a day center for women who struggle with economic poverty right here in South Bend.  Each winter, hundreds of people walk a one mile circuit around downtown South Bend to raise money and awareness for St. Margaret’s House mission and ministry.

You can solicit donations for your walk or just come out and walk with other LOGgers from both LOG #95 and LOG #96 teams. Meet at 2:00pm at the County City Building in downtown South Bend. Bring some $ with you and we’ll go get coffee or cocoa afterward.

Monday, February 19 – Concession Stand Fundraiser at Notre Dame
Help raise some money for MYM / LOG by working a concession stand at a ND Men’s Basketball game.  Meet at the Notre Dame Joyce Center at 5:00pm (or Terry’s house at 4:30pm to travel together to campus).  Should be done around 10pm.  Contact Terry to offer to serve.

And one more opportunity:  Serve on the QUEST team
QUEST is a LOG-style retreat for middle schoolers from Immanuel United Church of Christ in Lafayette, IN.  QUEST will be May 4-6, 2018.  The coleaders are Kendall Clark and Shema and we are looking for about 15 LOGgers to serve on the team.

QUEST Team meetings will be:
– Sunday, March 4 – 5-7pm
– Sunday, March 11 – 5-7pm
– Sunday, April 8 – 2-4pm
– Sunday, April 15 – 2-4pm
– Sunday, April 22 – 2-4pm
– Sunday, April 29 – 2-4pm
May 4-6 – QUEST weekend

Sign up to serve on QUEST team here

Check out the LOG Photo Page


Click here for photos from recent team LOG meetings






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