Free Coke!


I don’t like Coke.  But I do like Team!

And I am very glad that LOG teams will be starting in just a week or so!

So glad, in fact, that I will happily provide lots of Coke (and other beverages) for the first team meeting for LOG #93 (Sunday, August 27) and LOG #94 (Tuesday, August 29).

Jesus called his team of disciples and sent them out into the world to share the love of God  with others.  In much the same way, our LOG teams come together in Christian community and service to prepare our LOG weekends so that other teenagers from all over the Michiana area can know how much God loves them and find joy in being part of the family of God.

If you have not yet signed up to serve this fall, please go to soon.

If you have already had your LOG team experience – and maybe still wish you could do it again – please consider sending a small donation to help me purchase all that Coca Cola for the teams this fall.  And if I get more than I need for the Coke, I’ll even buy snacks!

Click here to donate securely with a credit or debit card.  Or you can send a check to me at 52726 W. Cypress Circle, South Bend, IN 46637.

They say it takes a village to raise a child.  We know it takes a team to put on a LOG.  Please join our support team to help our LOG teams continue to share the love of God through our weekends that can last a lifetime.

There will be two LOG weekends this fall:

  • LOG #93 – November 3-5
    • Team meetings: Sunday 2-4pm at Firehouse
    • Coleaders: April Hunt and Olivia Sautter
  • LOG #94 – November 10-12
    • Team meetings: Tuesday 7-9pm at Evangel Heights UMC
    • CoLeaders: Cara Lochmondy and Bella Worrell

Sign up at

Want to serve on a LOG Alumni Team for one of the Fall LOG weekends?
Sign up here

Do you like art?  Check this out …

2017 Youth Art Exhibit & Contest Invitation flier, Chapel Hill Community Outreach






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