Lasts a Lifetime …

Scan 2In 1985, I was ordained to be the associate pastor of Goleta Presbyterian Church near Santa Barbara, CA.  I followed a very beloved youth leader who had built the church’s vibrant community-wide youth group from next to nothing in just two years.  Most of the juniors and seniors grieved his leaving and found it difficult to welcome the new guy – me.  Some of the 9th and 10th graders, however, gave me a chance.

The photo above show some of the youth members of that church in 1988.  Some of you might recognize Katie Mulligan (4th from the right, against the wall) who was one of our leaders at L•4•G #20 a few weeks ago.  She was one of those 9th graders that made friends with the new guy.

Last week, while I was visiting Tyler out in Los Angeles, I reconnected with Chris Williams (3rd from the left, in the coat and tie).  Chris was in 10th grade when I started in Goleta and fast became a friend through snow skiing, water skiing, mission trips and many hours of deep conversation and sharing.  Chris is 47 now and welcomed me into his home and family as if we had never been apart.


We are the family of God – yes!  Sisters and brothers in Christ – and friends for over 30 years!

Looking at that photo from 1988, I thank God that I still have a relationship with all but two of those kids (now adults) – as well as many other from my time in CA who are not pictured there.  I have officiated their weddings, given them counsel and advice and enjoyed watching them grow families of their own.

I’ve been here in South Bend for twenty years now.  I’ve loved over 1600 LOGgers.  I thank God for the blessing each of you have been in my life and for the loving relationships that come out of one weekend that can last a lifetime.  And I hope we still love one another 30 years from now.

This coming Sunday, August 13 …

Sunday, August 13 is Bashor Sunday at Evangel Heights UMC. Please join us for worship where we will share all the music and Terry will present the message based on a short drama called, “The Stool”.

There are two worship times: 8:45am and 11:00am – and the youth from Bashor Home will join us for the later service which is followed by a free lunch.

After lunch, the Bashor youth go the South Bend Cubs home game. In the past, LOGgers have been welcome to go with them but you must sign up in advance so they have a ticket for you. Please contact Terry ASAP if you want to sign up.

Sunday, August 13 is also the date of our pretty-much annual capture the flag game up at Seth Proctor’s family home in Michigan (3260 Yankee Street, Niles, MI). We meet at 7:00pm and play until it gets too dark – usually heading home around 10:00pm. If you need a ride, please contact Terry ASAP.

The New Season of LOG Begins Soon …

There will be two LOG weekends this fall:

  • LOG #93 – November 3-5
    • Team meetings: Sunday 2-4pm at Firehouse
    • Coleaders: April Hunt and Olivia Sautter
  • LOG #94 – November 10-12
    • Team meetings: Tuesday 7-9pm at Evangel Heights UMC
    • CoLeaders: Cara Lochmondy and Bella Worrell

Sign up at

Check out the new photos from L•4•G #20 on the Photo Page







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