Let Him Fill Me


This week’s writer, Nan, at QUEST 2016.

“Blessed are those who hunger & thirst for righteousness for they will be filled.” Matthew 5:6

How many times do I find myself saying I’m hungry – or if I’m not and just smell fresh popcorn I’m immediately hungry? All I have to do is walk into a movie theatre and they have me. I may not even be hungry, but I almost always buy a bag!

At the end of June my immediate family, all 14 of us, vacationed at Walt Disney World. It was fun, fantastic family times with an enormous amount of memories. One of those memories was how extremely HOT and humid it was while we were there. I absolutely couldn’t get enough water to drink or pools to swim in!

These are just a couple examples of hunger and thirst that immediately come to mind while reading the Bible passage for this blog. Do I find myself with that kind of hunger and thirst for God? Like the popcorn or the refreshing drink of water?

During a LOG weekend, I believe that hunger and thirst is fed. I find that I want more — to listen and hear His word through those who tell us about their life, their walk, their way of finding and knowing God, and sharing that love with those of us present during talks, hugs, skits, and Vertical worship. After such a great weekend I want, and fully intend, to keep feeding and filling my hunger, my thirst for God.

But later I realize that I fell short of that goal. It wasn’t done daily or every few days or more. I just go along thinking there’s definitely room for improvement and a desire to do better. But . . . Not succeeding I fall short.

Looking at those times when I’m not hungry or thirsty for God I think that He just needs to give me a good kick in the pants! Many times the kick comes when you least expect it.

This past Sunday at church during his message, Fr. Brian said “When we let God in our lives we then reflect His light to the world.” That’s it!

That’s what I – what we – need to do —

Stop and just let Him in —

Let Him fill me up with His love —

Let Him help me to savor the flavor of His grace —

Let Him help me to quench my thirst for Him —

Let Him help me to radiate that light – that love in the world!

So, I guess what I’m saying, facing outward after looking inward, is this is a reminder to let Him fill my hunger and thirst so that I may show His light and love to my world. Isn’t this what we’re called to do in the world as believers? I believe it is. This reminder, I pray, will help me focus, especially during the next round of LOG weekends, the need to radiate His love in the world so others too may find their own hunger and thirst for Him.

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