Please …


Teach me how to pray, yes, and teach me how to live
Make them one and the same, to the glory of your name – please …

Last weekend, at the Next Step: L•4•G #20, we dug into both how we can grow in our love for God by learning how to draw close to God in holiness and prayer and how we can grow in our leading for God by considering what God has given us a passion to do and then investing ourselves in doing it. And we sang …

Teach me how to pray, yes, and teach me how to live
Make them one and the same, to the glory of your name – please …

In the song, the word “please” is long and drawn out (hence the dot-dot-dot after the word). I think the songwriter wanted us to sing it as a heartfelt cry to God: PLEASE teach us how our praying and our living are (and should be) the same. PLEASE teach us that as we pray, we are empowered to live for Jesus in the world and as we strive to live for Jesus, we must again and again return to God in prayer.

The last verse says …
I will follow you along the road and daily will I seek to know your ways
I will follow where you lead, in my words and in my deeds
I will feed your sheep

For many of us, it’s easier to pray and worship in our rooms or our churches than it is to step out into the world and live like Jesus – caring for, even sacrificing for those around us.

May we each feel God drawing us into him and then follow him right back out to make a difference in our world.

Want to love some little kids this Saturday?

Clay Church is looking for volunteers to help kids “shop” for free school supplies during an event at the Firehouse.

Saturday, August 5
11:30am – 2:00pm
(they also have an earlier morning shift if that works better for you)

Andrea (DeLonis) and Marlon DeLeon will be there to help you get connected.  Please call or text Terry at 574-274-5990 to sign up.

Sunday, August 13 is a BIG Day

Sunday, August 13 is Bashor Sunday at Evangel Heights UMC. Please join us for worship where we will share all the music and Terry will present the message based on a short drama called, “The Stool”.

There are two worship times: 8:45am and 11:00am – and the youth from Bashor Home will join us for the later service which is followed by a free lunch.

After lunch, the Bashor youth go the South Bend Cubs home game. In the past, LOGgers have been welcome to go with them but you must sign up in advance so they have a ticket for you. Please contact Terry ASAP if you want to sign up.

Sunday, August 13 is also the date of our pretty-much annual capture the flag game up at Seth Proctor’s family home in Michigan (3260 Yankee Street, Niles, MI). We meet at 7:00pm and play until it gets too dark – usually heading home around 10:00pm. If you need a ride, please contact Terry ASAP.

Coming Soon!

There will be two LOG weekends this fall:

  • LOG #93 – November 3-5 – Sunday afternoon team meetings
  • LOG #94 – November 10-12 – Tuesday evening team meetings

Watch for the announcement about team sign-ups soon!




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