What Is Life About?


Each day, I receive a blog post by a man named Glenn McDonald – a Presbyterian pastor and spiritual counselor in Indianapolis. His words are insightful and inspiring and help me begin my day with God.

Today (Tuesday), his words were right on …

(this is only part of what he wrote, click this link to read his post in its entirety)

My life is not about me. In my head and my heart, I know that this is true. The problem, of course, is that I really have a hard time choosing to live as if that were true.

I am constantly thinking about myself.  It takes no effort whatsoever.  When I wake up in the morning, I immediately begin thinking about me – my appointments for the day, my aches and pains, my worries about money, my need to hear last night’s sports scores … me, me, me. 

As one of the characters in High School Musical sings, “The answers are all inside of me / All I’ve got to do is believe.”

These sentiments, of course, raise some important questions:  If my life is all about myself, what do I do if my self is a dumpster fire?  What if I don’t even know what my self is?

Christian spirituality classically addresses these questions not by calling us to a journey of self-discovery, but to a life of God-discovery.  I actually come to know myself as I fix more and more of my attention on Someone beyond myself. 

Apart from a specific plan to do that, however – to set my mind on the things of God – I’ll almost certainly default to wallowing in the things of Me.

Check out this link to read all of what Glenn McDonald wrote today, including a simple, specific idea of how to start each day with God.


Our Next Step: Love•4•God retreat THIS COMING WEEKEND is another way to jump-start or re-energize your spiritual life by learning to love God back and live a life of service in response to God’s great love for you.

It’s not too late to sign up: www.michianayouth.org/events

Even if you cannot make it to the whole L•4•G weekend, you are welcome to join us for Vertical Worship on Saturday night (7/29) from 7pm – 9:30pm at the Firehouse campus of Clay Church. Open to all senior highs as well as LOG alums.


Do you remember my friend, Ruth Roll? She is 100 years old and has just moved out of her home of 50+ years and into St. Paul’s Retirement Community. Ruth is a people-person and loves to have LOGgers visit her. Now is an especially important time as the move is quite emotional for her.

Would you be interested in visiting Ruth – with Terry, with a friend or even by yourself? You don’t have to talk much – just ask some questions and listen – Ruth loves to talk with people.

Please call or text Terry at 574-274-5990. Let’s do this before you all go back to school.


Do you love little kids?

Clay Church is looking for volunteers to help kids “shop” for free school supplies during an event at the Firehouse.

Saturday, August 5
11:30am – 2:00pm
(they also have an earlier morning shift if that works better for you)

Please call or text Terry at 574-274-5990 to sign up.

Save this date: Sunday, August 13

First:  LOG is invited to Evangel Heights United Methodist Church in the morning when all the youth and adults from Bashor Home will attend worship at the church.  Terry will lead worship that morning and then LOGgers are welcome to share lunch with the folks from Bashor.

Then:  Don’t miss our annual Capture the Flag game up at Seth Proctor’s parents’ home in Niles, MI.  We play in a huge field and then make S’mores around a campfire.

Both events are open to current LOGgers and alumni.




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