The Foundation They Need


Wendi with two of her three daughters

My name is Wendi and my two teenagers, Erin and Emily have participated in LOG. We live in Culver, IN, which is about an hour and 15 minutes away from where LOG meets. LOG has become a huge part of our family and something that I am completely grateful for.

Erin was first invited to LOG by her cousin, Josh, and did her participant in the spring of her Junior year.  Erin felt an immediate connection to the LOG program and wanted to come back as a team member. She talked about feeling loved and accepted by this group of teenagers. She talked about how she felt much closer to God and how she felt for the first time in her life she had a relationship with God.  I remember wondering if the feeling would go away after she didn’t see these kids for awhile.

When Erin asked to be on team, I remember complaining about having to make the drive to South Bend every Sunday afternoon, a day that many times is the only day that our whole family is together. Erin served on her first team and again felt that this was a place for her, a place where she could be herself and could feel that she was loved and cared for by others, something she has not felt with her group of high school friends. Erin’s relationship with God has become more solid.  Erin has anxiety and depression. However, she does not feel the same level of anxiety when she is at LOG with her friends there. Erin is a senior and will be moving on from LOG. While this is a sad thought that she has to move on, she has also been given a foundation for her relationship with God that will be with her in college.

I stopped complaining about making the drive.  I have been asked by the kids and sometimes other adults, “Why do you make the drive to South Bend for LOG? Isn’t there something closer to your home?” Even though the girls have attended church their whole lives, they have really not have had the same experience that they have had in LOG.

As Erin was preparing to serve on her first team, she really wanted Emily to come with her. Emily was really struggling with anxiety and depression and had some pretty desperate moments. She questioned whether or not God was real, and whether He really cared about her. Emily was in a bad relationship at the time. She didn’t want to go to LOG because she didn’t know what her boyfriend would do if she went. God was working and hearing Emily. Emily’s relationship ended just in time to let her be free enough to go to LOG with Erin. Emily experienced her first LOG last fall, and has been  able to work through some of the issues she was dealing with (through counseling and being in LOG.)  Being able to “leave her burdens at the Cross” was a huge gift for Emily. Emily served on her first team this past March. She has grown in her relationship with God and has been able to work through some of the questions that she has had. Emily was baptized this spring and feels very much that God cares about her. Emily can see how God was working even in the times where she felt very alone, He was there with her. She may not have been able to see that if she had not started going to LOG.

I was very honored that both of my girls asked me to serve as an adult leader, during LOG 91 (clap.) It was during this time that I was truly able to see why LOG has become so important to both of my girls. As I participated with the girls, I was able to witness a truly amazing process and transformation in some of these kids. Personally, I was able to watch my two girls interact with other teenagers, smiling and laughing in a normal way. I was also able to watch many of the participants come in shy and unsure (just as I was as a rookie!!), but as the weekend went on, I could see a transformation in many of the kids. It wasn’t just a weekend experience. It has truly become a life changing experience.

Emily and Erin have signed up for the summer season of LOG, which will meet on Tuesday nights. I am not complaining about the late night or the drive to South Bend. I am excited to watch what happens as they continue to be part of the team. I am not serving as an adult for the summer season, but Emily has made sure that I am making the commitment to serve with her in the fall and Spring each year, until she is out of high school.

I can’t thank Terry and the Adult team enough for the real experience that they provide in LOG. I truly believe that God is working through this team to minister in a positive way to these teenagers and to give them the foundation they need to develop a relationship with God, and to give them a place to leave their burdens, while accepting and loving one another.


Last Chance!
Teams for LOG #92 and SOS17 are beginning to meet to prepare the events in June.  If you are still interested in serving on one of the teams, please contact Terry ASAP


Important dates – mark your calendars:
– May 20-21 – – SOAR (Seniors On A Rise)
– June 2 – – LOG #92 Overnight
— June 3  – – Sneak Peek at Bashor
– June 17 – – Nelson’s Chicken Fundraiser
– June 23-25  – – LOG #92 at Bashor Home
– June 29 – July 2 – – SOS at Bethel College
– July 22 – – 20 Year LOG Reunion
– August 4-6 – – L•4•G #20


Check out the LOG Photo Page for photos from Agape: A Taste of LOG



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