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Kelly & Molly at LOG #88

It’s almost here! EASTER! I love Easter. It’s always been one of my favorite holidays. Not so much the Easter bunny, hunting for eggs, the messy dying of eggs, or anything of that sort. I love the story of Jesus. I love Holy Week. I love the freedom and redemption we get from the power of Christ’s resurrection. For those of you that know me, picture me at my most excited, multiply that by ten and you get me the week of Easter.

What most people don’t know about me is that I grew up Catholic. Two of my favorite parts of being Catholic at Easter time were Palm Sunday and the Stations of the Cross. On Palm Sunday, with palm branches waved into the air to signal Jesus’s arrival into Jerusalem; then the Stations of the Cross walking you through the journey Jesus took to the cross. It was always the time of year that I connected the most to God as a young Christian. The time where I remembered the sacrifice Jesus made to forgive us of our sins and the love that He pours out for us everyday because of that sacrifice.

Why can’t it be like that every day? Why can’t I remember the love that Jesus has for us everyday? There are moments and times that become so overwhelming that I can’t see Jesus and the love He has given. In knowing some of you, I know you do too. We live LOG to LOG, Sunday to Sunday, Easter to Easter. In the in between times we can become complacent. We can become Judas and Peter – betraying and denying the love that we know exists for us in the crucifixion and redemption of Jesus.

My prayer for you is that you remember everyday the love given to us because of this sacrifice. I pray that instead of living LOG to LOG you are living hour to hour or minute to minute. I pray that you find love in the little things. I pray that His love finds you in everything you do.

Molly Malone (LOG #29p)


A short P.S. from Terry

Holy Week begins this (Palm) Sunday, with Holy Thursday and Good Friday before we reach the celebration of the Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday.  I join Molly in encouraging you all to make it a point to attend one or more of the special services this week!  If you are not sure where to go or who to go with, get in touch with one of us and we’ll get you hooked up.

Also – please consider joining us as we go down to Bashor on Good Friday.  See details below.


Vertical Worship Night – open to any senior highs (do not need to have attended LOG)
Sunday, April 9
Firehouse campus of Clay Church
17646 Cleveland Road, SB

Good Friday at Bashor Home no egg hunt this year
Friday, April 14
Leave South Bend at 3:30pm – return about 10pm
Dinner followed by a Good Friday worship time and watching the motion picture RISEN.
Intermission will include a 40″ Ice Cream Sundae
Check out the Facebook event or contact Terry to be sure we have enough transportation

Agape – A Taste of LOGShare LOG with your family!
Sunday, April 23
Firehouse campus of Clay Church
17646 Cleveland Road, SB

The Next Season of LOGteam sign ups are open now
LOG # 92 at Bashor Home – June 23-25
Team meetings on Tuesday evenings in May & June

SOS (Summer Of Service) at Bethel College – June 29 – July 2
Team meetings on Monday evenings (note change of day) in May & June

Sign up at

Want to invite someone to go to church with you?
We would like to feature a few local churches for LOGgers that do not have a home church.  Would you be willing to write a paragraph about why you like your church and invite people to contact you about attending with you one week?  Be sure to mention where your church is located and what time you attend.  Please contact Molly ( or Facebook) or Terry ( or Facebook) soon!


Important dates – mark your calendars:
– May 20-21 – –  SOAR (Seniors On A Rise)
– June 10  – – Sneak Peek at Bashor
– June 17 – – Nelson’s Chicken Fundraiser
– June 23-25  – – LOG #92 at Bashor Home
– June 29 – July 2 – – SOS at Bethel College
– July 22 – – 20 Year LOG Reunion


Check out the LOG Photo Page for photos from all three weekend that might better have been left unpublished …



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