Love Shared


Halle (left) with Ted, Allison and Erin at LOG #86

I always say that one of the few topics I could never get tired of talking about is LOG. The experiences I have had being a part of this program, as well as the friends and family that I have made because of it mean the absolute world to me. The more that I get to talk about LOG to people outside of this community, the happier I am. LOG is important to me because I wouldn’t be close to some of the most exceptional people I know without it. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to me to share about this community when talking with others, whether they know what LOG is or not.

Being a college student four hours away from home, I’ve had the chance to meet a variety of new people. I’ve mentioned LOG several times at my church here in Bloomington, with my roommate, as well as with other friends and students. By doing so I have gotten to have a lot of interesting conversations. My pastor’s wife often talks to me at our dinners about the program, with new questions ready each time, or I get to hear about ministry experiences that have significantly impacted others because I first shared mine. Even though none of these people have ever had the chance to experience LOG the way I have, hearing about it interests them.

I think getting to share Agape with someone else is special because they get to see the love shared when this community comes together as a whole. They get to see team members, alums, and participants experiencing God’s love as we sing and worship and celebrate each other through faith. To me, this is always one of many powerful moments during the weekend and in my opinion, one of the best times to have someone feel how impactful LOG can be for themselves.

The LOG community is also shared when new people are brought in as adult leaders. I had the privilege of serving on my first team at the same time that Dave served on his. I remember there being at least a few leaders who were on their adult participant during my participant weekend. I always think it’s neat when I see an adult experiencing LOG for the first time. It reminds me that this community is shared in so many different forms to allow new adults to come in; whether that be students sharing with their parents, leaders sharing with their significant others, or simply anyone sharing with an adult figure who is a role model to them, allowing that adult to now be a role model for a bunch of students they may have never met before.

I don’t think I fully began to understand what it meant to have a relationship with God until my first LOG weekend. Going through this program has taught me things about love, friendship, family, God, and myself, that I really couldn’t learn anywhere else. And the truly amazing thing is, I got to watch the positive effects LOG has had on so many others when I was a team member. I still get to see it when I visit for Agape or serve on meal teams. Getting to share what LOG has done for so many people with complete strangers to this community is incredibly meaningful because I’m sharing about something that makes a difference in a lot of people’s lives – both in their faith and in shaping who they are. I’ve found that sharing about LOG first and seeing the response to that experience, makes me more willing to talk deeper about my faith with someone later on.  I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the LOG program and appreciate that I can share this part of my life with others.

Lots of Love,
Halle McMillen (LOG #77)

Vertical Worship Night – open to any senior highs (do not need to have attended LOG)
Sunday, April 9
Firehouse campus of Clay Church
17646 Cleveland Road, SB

Agape – A Taste of LOG – Share LOG with your family!
Sunday, April 23
Firehouse campus of Clay Church
17646 Cleveland Road, SB

The Next Season of LOG
LOG # 92 at Bashor Home – June 23-25
Team meetings on Tuesday evenings in May & June

SOS (Summer Of Service) at Bethel College – June 29 – July 2
Team meetings on Thursday evenings in May & June

Sign up at

Want to invite someone to go to church with you?
We would like to feature a few local churches for LOGgers that do not have a home church.  Would you be willing to write a paragraph about why you like your church and invite people to contact you about attending with you one week?  Be sure to mention where your church is located and what time you attend.  Please contact Molly ( or Facebook) or Terry ( or Facebook) soon!


Important dates – mark your calendars:
– May 20-21 – –  SOAR (Seniors On A Rise)
– June 10  – – Sneak Peek at Bashor
– June 17 – – Nelson’s Chicken Fundraiser
– June 23-25  – – LOG #92 at Bashor Home
– June 29 – July 2 – – SOS at Bethel College
– July 22 – – 20 Year LOG Reunion


Check out photos from LOG #90 on the photo page





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