Doing It For the Love


Hey everyone!! My name is Jake Parks and I have been given the opportunity to given a brief explanation on why I serve in the LOG community.

My passion for the LOG community really started right after my co weekend, LOG 74. I was standing in the parking lot outside of the building we use at Bashor for the weekends and I was literally balling my eyes out with Cara (Mastic) Largent consoling me in my grief of realizing that LOG had “come to an end for me.” I later came to realize that LOG was not over for me; it would simply change over time.

I was on five LOG weekends as a student including my co and as a student, LOG was fun and a way to hangout with friends. That is to say, I did not get a deep experience out of it. However once Fall of 2014 hit and I was able to come and serve in the kitchen I began to realize that LOG was not over for me, it was actually just starting!! I began to learn that I personally got more of a connection to God out of service, than out of being served. Why as a team member I did not realize that I do not know; all that matters is I figured it out eventually.

Serving in the kitchen at LOG weekends has been one of the biggest blessings to me. It has also been the biggest way that I have kept in service, and learned about myself and my relationship with God. Since fall of 2014 I have missed one LOG weekend Alumni team. I do not say this as to say, “Look at Jake and how much good he does!!” Nahh!! I say this to show how important serving this community in this role has been to me. As someone who is in the kitchen making the food and, sometimes, in charge of making sure it gets done, I consider it not only an honor and a privilege but also a duty to do this to the best of my/the team’s ability. When dinner is late, when I forget to make sure communion gets set up for Chicken Dinner, the water jug in the purple room has to be filled by a team member, or other things go “wrong” I know that these are not huge problems that cannot be fixed…. However I still get frustrated with myself because I am so passionate about serving the team and especially the participants that when I do something that gets in the way of doing so I get flustered.

My main drive when it comes to serving at LOG weekends, or anything in the MYM sphere, is doing it for the love of the people around me. I come back to serve on the LOG weekends in the kitchen because I love this organization and as of right now serving in the kitchen is the only thing I am able to do to aid this organization in its operations. Similarly I serve in this fashion so that I might interact with people I love and care for (i.e. participants, students on team, adults, and the kitchen team). In the end LOG has changed my life for the better by giving me people I can call my friends and my family, a place to learn and grow in my faith and to learn about my own leadership abilities and to find my passion for working with students. I have loved expressing my drive for serving in the MYM/LOG community and I hope this has offered a glimpse into one person’s reasons for how why they do what they do when it comes to serving others.

In Love,

Jake Parks (p. LOG 59)

A short P.S. from Terry

Jake has so nicely expressed his desire to serve with love for LOG and LOGgers!

I’d just like to add a challenge that when you come to share the love at Agape, please remember that agape is sacrificial love – love that puts others in front of one’s self.  It’s great to come and see your friends and enjoy the fellowship of the community, but if you don’t stay to serve with love (serve the participants by enabling the team to be able to go hang out with them instead of doing the cleanup and serve MYM / LOG by helping us get everything done so everyone can go get some rest before morning) then you have missed the point of Agape.

Please come to Agape prepared to serve with agape!

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You can order this new shirt in any color you like for $10.00.  But you can only order it between now and the end of March – at one of the LOG weekends or directly through Terry.

Important dates – mark your calendars:
– March 17-19 – – LOG #90
– March 24-26 – – LOG #91
– March 28 – – Five Guys Reunion Night
– June 23-25 – – LOG #92 at Bashor Home
– June 29 – July 2 – – SOS at Bethel College
– July 22 – – 20 Year LOG Reunion

Check out photos from LOG #89 on the photo page

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