Themes for LOG #89, #90 & #91


Theme banners for the first 50 LOGs

The LOG #89, #90 and #91 weekends are coming up in about two months.  Seventy-six youth and 25 adults are serving on the leadership teams.  And we are looking for people to serve on the alumni team (see more below)

LOG #89 – Undo What I’ve Become
Aliya Bralick and Nick Williams, Coleaders

The most important reason that we chose the song “Undo” by Rush of Fools is that the main premise of the song is renewal. Especially for us seniors, we are about to enter a period of renewal as we enter college and leave all that we’ve known for the past 18 years; this means new faces, new places, and new opportunities to grow in our faith – essentially, a new and clean slate. However, this does not apply to just us seniors, as a new slate is available to each and every one of us, regardless of grade level or age. This is true because, as we have seen through the story of Paul, Christ is able to turn our lives around at any point in time. This doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t have to do anything; we must do our part by calling out to God for help and accept the help that He offers to us, no matter how hard it may be to change our ways. All of us, in one way or another, have begun to resent what we’ve become as a result of the choices that we have made and the bad habits that we’ve formed. Hope is not lost, though. As this song suggests, it is possible for us to call out to God in prayer and ask him to undo what we’ve become.

LOG #90 – His Love Can Make You Radiate
Emily Oppman and Lexis White, Coleaders

We want you to know that there was a lot of thought put into what kind of song we wanted for LOG 90; we both went back and forth on whether we wanted a slow, meaningful song or one that was more upbeat and fun. We were given a little nudge from Terry to listen to the song “Glow in the Dark” by Jason Grey. When we heard the tune and listened to the lyrics, we knew it was the one. It perfectly combined an upbeat song with meaningful lyrics. Thus the theme “His Love can make you Radiate” was born. This theme serves as a reminder that the love God gives us can make us shine, even in the darkest of times. In addition to our theme, the song itself also says that “the more broken you are, the more the light gets through”. And as Proverbs 4:18 says, “The ways of right-living people glow with light; the longer they live, the brighter they shine.” The longer we let that light and that love of God burn inside of us, the brighter we become and the more of His love we radiate.

LOG #91 – Set Us Free
Ashley Decker and Theresa Leyba, Coleaders

We found our theme before our song because the concept of freedom was very prominent in all our considered songs. Theresa cried when she heard this song while in a car. We had been searching for a meaningful focusing song and we had finally found it. We felt this song was very prayerful and we liked the concise but potent message of coming before God with obstacles and receiving freedom and healing. We hope that throughout the weekend, our participants will be willing to bring their brokenness and be set free.

We are recruiting for people to serve on the alumni teams for this season:
– LOG #89 – March 10-12 – – lead: Jacob Parks
– LOG #90 – March 17-19 – – lead: Anna Polovick
– LOG #91 – March 24-26 – – lead: Marissa Renaldi

Please click this link to sign up.

Check out this and many other new photos on the LOG Photo Page

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