Where There’s Prayer, There Is Faith.

img_9275  As children, we are taught to always say our prayers before bed or before starting the day. However many of us don’t realize the significance those prayers can have until we come across real life problems. Prayer can offer us so much in return for just a couple minutes alone with God. It can provide guidance to the lost, hope to the hopeless, peace and comfort to the stressed and a sense of purpose to those struggling to find one. Prayer also opens us up to the Lord, it opens us up to his love and his guidance which we will always need. It brings us so much closer to the Lord and the more we incorporate him into our daily life the more we will see him working through us.

One of the best things is that there’s never a prayer too short or too long and each and every one of them is heard by the Lord. Prayer brings me comfort so throughout my day I’ll always find myself saying little prayers asking God to help me through the day or to be with me during stressful times which always seems to work miracles. Sometimes we wonder how to “pray correctly” but what we may not realize is that there is no set-in-stone way to pray. As we are taught in Ephesians 6:18, “pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people”. Remember, you can never pray “too much” – in fact, the more you pray the better. And never underestimate the power of prayer because one simple prayer can have enough power to change a life around!

Personally, my favorite form of prayer is through song. As a nun once said at my parish, singing songs for the Lord is like praying twice, and as we all know, there’s plenty of singing of LOG (which is where I always tend to feel the Lord’s presence most). My favorite song is the theme song for my participant, “Find Your Way” by The Afters. I remember first singing it on the weekend and being able to relate to nearly every word being sung. I was in a particularly confusing place with my faith and singing this song about finding my way and never being too far away to come back hit me pretty hard. This song emphasizes just how huge the Lord’s love for us is. We can be heading down the completely wrong path but through prayer and dedication to God, we will find our way back home. As the song says, “We’re never too lost to know were the road is” because the Lord will always be there waiting for us. But in order to find him and the path he is trying to guide us toward, we need to pray.

Our faith is what connects us to God. Where there’s faith, there is prayer – and where there’s prayer, there is faith.

Special thanks to Lauren Bramlett (LOG #75) for sharing this post in our LOGblog series of reflections from LOGgers and LOG alums.  If you would like to contribute to the new LOGblog, please contact Molly or Terry McBride.


At this week’s team meetings, we will be asked to sign the Team Covenant.  The covenant is:

I will strive to live a lifestyle that is pleasing to God in and outside of LOG
I will strive to be a faithful member of the LOG team and the LOG community

(click here to read the full covenant and how it plays out in our LOG community).

With this covenant, we promise God and one another that we do our very best to love God and love each other during the team process.  Please give prayerful consideration to this covenant in advance of the upcoming team meetings.


I expect winter is coming back before spring arrives: Whenever your school has a weather-related closure, attendance at any scheduled LOG meeting or event will be optional. Team attendance requirements will be suspended whenever transportation to/from the meeting is compromised due to inclement weather.

See LOG:  Be sure to check out the Photo Page for lots of pictures from recent team meetings.

Participant Sign Ups are available online at www.michianayouth.org/events




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