Back to Love. Back to Life.


My name is Olivia Freshour  (pictured second from left with my table group) and I am a senior at Edwardsburg High School.

When I went to my participant, LOG #88 (clap), I was completely lost. I was lost from God and I was lost from friends. I could go to school and see people and be the positive Liv that everyone knows, but I came home to the darkness of my mind. In the last few years before LOG, I have faced some problems with my family, church, and myself as I doubted who I was in God’s eyes and my own eyes. Along with that, I could not find friends that could fill that emptiness I felt inside of me. I was looking for something to fill the gap and as I waited, I fell farther and farther from reality.

Some of my friends asked me to do LOG, which I had heard about before, but something pushed me to do it this time. I went into the weekend without expectations. I was looking for help but didn’t realize it. I wanted love and acceptance and friends and God but I didn’t know how to ask for it or where to get it. It turns out that I could have all of this in one place. LOG.

When I first walked into the building (or was dragged in lovingly), I was completely in shock and didn’t know what to do. Everyone wanted to meet me. They wanted to hug me. This was nothing like public high school. We started playing games and then singing and I was completely overwhelmed. But not overwhelmed with stress, but with love. I felt the love everywhere.

People that I did not even know wanted me to sit by them. They wanted to hug me and tell me that I am important and loved. But most of all, I felt the love of God all around me. I felt God sitting right behind me, giving me His knees to rest my back on (because everyone else stole the other backrests). I felt Him through every part of the weekend, every meal, every talk, and every song.

Not only did I feel the love while I was at my participant weekend, but I have felt it ever since. I stay in close contact with so many of my friends and they care so much about me. We have a mutual care for each other and a special place in each others’ lives. I know that I can always call those people whenever I need them or simply need to talk. Most of all, I have truly felt God’s love. I don’t feel empty anymore. Although it was pretty difficult to go back to the reality of not hugging every single person I see, I have learned how to live my faith on a daily basis in everything I do.

LOG pulled me out of the darkness I was in and taught me that I am loved. The theme for LOG #88 was “Bring Us Back”. Thanks be to God, LOG brought me back. Back to reality. Back to love. And back to life.

Special thanks to Olivia Freshour (LOG #88) for being the fourth contributor to the new LOGblog series of reflections from LOGgers (and LOG alums).  If you would like to contribute to the new LOGblog, please contact Molly Malone or Terry McBride.




Mark your calendars – invite your family and friends!
Ice Skating Fundraiser for MYM / LOG

Tuesday, January 3, 2017
3-5pm at the Ice Box in South Bend
$10 / person (skate rental included)
$20 / family (immediate family only please)

All proceeds will go to MYM / LOG 🙂


Team are forming for next season:
LOG #89 – March 10-12 – Thursday night team meetings
– Coleaders: Aliya Bralick and Nick Williams
LOG #90 – March 17-19 – Sunday 2-4pm team meetings
– Coleaders: Emily Oppman and Lexis White
LOG #91 – March 24-26 – Sunday 4:30pm – 6:30pm team meetings
– Coleaders: Ashley Decker and Theresa Leyba

PLEASE READ:  the team for LOG #90 and LOG #91 have been capped at 20 each and a waiting list has begun for each team.  There is still room on the LOG #89 team.

We cannot move ahead unless all thee teams have enough members.
– If you have not signed up yet, please do.
– If you are on a waiting list, please consider switching to one of the teams that still needs people in order to be viable.

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