LOG Fills Up My “Love Tank”


Hi! My name is Carrington Neal (pictured top right) and I go to Penn High School. My LOG participant was LOG #85 *clap* and I served on team for LOG #88 *clap*

My mother always told me that word choice was important, and she told me never to say that my life was busy. “Busy” implies that I have no control over where I have to be and when I have to be there. Instead of busy I call myself scheduled. But just because I control my schedule, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t stress me out or stretch my ability to remain sane. During both of the LOG weekends that I have attended, the weight of my schedule was lifted and I was not concerned, in the least, what was happening the next day or even next week.

What allows my stress to be released is doing what I was born to do – worship. My original name was going to be Carrington Alexander Neal, but my parents stuck David in my name before I was born because they knew that I would worship. I would dance and sing as David did before the Lord, and if you know me there is rarely a conversation that won’t have song lyrics in them and maybe even possibly some weird movement because that is who I am. To be able to worship for a whole weekend, for me is just amazing.

Another thing that makes shifting my focus really easy is the overwhelming sense of love and support that is always present in the room. What I love about it is that no matter what a person’s love language is or no matter how they prefer to have love shown to them, all of them are covered throughout the weekend. Me, personally, I enjoy words of affirmation and physical touch, so hugs and saying “I love you” mean a lot to me, but for other people it might not mean what it does to me. There are people who feel loved through the giving of gifts, acts of service or quality time, and each LOGger experiences them throughout the weekend (especially quality time, I mean, we fit a lot of stuff in three days). LOG fills up my “love tank” as my mom says and I am pretty sure it could fill up just about anyone’s.

Special thanks to Carrington Neal (LOG #85) for being the second contributor to the new LOGblog series of reflections from LOGgers (and LOG alums).  If you would like to contribute to the new LOGblog, please contact Molly Malone or Terry McBride


This Saturday – December 10 – Cookie Baking for Bashor Home
9:30am – 12:00pm
Firehouse Campus of Clay Church (17646 Cleveland Road, SB)
Baking 300 + cookies for Bashor kids to decorate


Saturday, December 17 – Christmas at Bashor Home – 7am
Sunday, December 18 – Christmas Caroling “Flashmob” – 6:00pm (earlier time)


Team are forming for next season:
LOG #89 – March 10-12 – Thursday night team meetings
– Coleaders: Aliya Bralick and Nick Williams
LOG #90 – March 17-19 – Sunday 2-4pm team meetings
– Coleaders: Emily Oppman and Lexis White
LOG #91 – March 24-26 – Sunday 4:30pm – 6:30pm team meetings
– Coleaders: Ashley Decker and Theresa Leyba

PLEASE READ:  the team for LOG #90 and LOG #91 have been capped at 20 each and a waiting list has begun for each team.  There is still room on the LOG #89 team. 

Each team must have a minimum of 20 people in order to move forward.
– If you have not signed up yet, please do.
– If you are on a waiting list, please consider switching to one of the teams that still needs people in order to be viable.

Many people want to be with their friends.  But remember, that trying a new team means even more friends by the end of the team process!  And it makes it possible for everyone to serve.  Call Terry to discuss this and/or make a switch.


joy_logging_cd_outside3Make a donation to MYM during the month of December and receive a free CD of Christmas music.




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