Could He Do It?


Try as he might – he could not!

Last Saturday, Erik Hetler was on a mission to beat the reigning champion, Connor Flanagan’s, record for selling 58 programs at a Notre Dame football game.

Erik came very close – only missing dethroning the champ by three sales.  But he single-handedly sold nearly 1/3 of the total amount for the day.

Erik has one more chance – in fact, we all do.  The last game of the season is November 19.  This is after the LOG #87 and #88 weekends so maybe we can all get out there and sell – and maybe break both Connor’s record and the record for most programs sold at any one game.  Watch for more info soon.


Upcoming LOG weekends
– LOG #87 – November 4-6
– – – 15 participants and 36 youth and adults on team
– LOG #88 NOVEMBER 11-13
– – – 13 participants and 38 youth and adults on team

Upcoming Chicken Dinners: Saturdays at 10:00pm
(set up begins about 8:30pm) (remember we’re at the new place)

Still need blessings for the LOG weekends!  Please share a favorite Scripture, song lyric or quote and why you think it might be meaningful to those of us at LOG. You may send them to Terry via Facebook, email or text – please … and thank you!

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