Getting Close …

img_1784LOG #87 is less three weeks away!  And LOG #88 will follow a week later.

Now is the time for:
– Teams to finish their work (and round up a few more participants).
– Alums to send their blessings for the weekends.
– Team members to bring in their team fee, medical form and parent help form.
– Everyone to pray for fun, safety and s strong sense of God’s presence.

Also – please pray with thanksgiving for all of our adult leaders!  We could not do this without them as they bring compassion and wisdom to our community.  Check out their photos on the LOG Leaders Page.

This coming Saturday, October 22, is our fall visit to Bashor Home.  We’ll take some Halloween masks with us (and some candy, of course) and think a little about the masks we wear even when it is not Halloween.  I have very few people who are able and willing to go – and sure could use some more (LOGgers and/or alums).  Please let me know if you are interested.

And – I’ve posted some recent photos on the LOG Photo Page – be sure to check them out!

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