Honk if you love …


I know the sign says “chicken” but when I see this photo (and the others that are on the Photo Page) it says to me “Honk if you love LOG!

Thanks to the 35 LOGgers and six adults who sold tickets, held signs, accepted payments and served up the chicken and potatoes last Saturday!  Thanks to you, MYM / LOG raised over $1500.00 in one day.  What a blessing!  Thanks be to God!

I believe that the reason you come out to support our fundraising events is because you love LOG and want to help insure that others can have the same kinds of experiences of God’s love and Christian community that you have had.

Please spend a little time thinking about this because in a few weeks you will have the opportunity to try to put it into words.

I will be asking you to write a letter to your parents (or other loved ones) to share with them how much you love LOG and invite them to join you in supporting LOG by making an early Christmas gift to MYM in your honor.

Those of you who are alums and LOGgers not able to serve on team this season, please consider doing this on your own.  You know how significant LOG has been in your life.  Tell the ones you love that you love LOG and invite them to make a donation in your name or even match a donation you make yourself.

And LOG parents and friends – thanks to all of you who already support MYM / LOG.  We (literally) could not do it without you!

PS: don’t forget to check out the photos of the Nelson’s event and recent team meetings on the photo page.


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