I got palanca …

A paper-airplane flew into my airspace the other night at the LOG #87 team meeting.  I unfolded it to find this:


9-year-old Abby Collins lifted me up!

A few days later, I received an affirming text message that said in part, “I have no intention of allowing (anything) to get in the way of our friendship / mentorship.”

And then, this morning, I was lifted up again by a LOGger who sent me the following text: “hey, this is random, but I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and all that you have done for me and LOG”.

In my last LOGblog I wrote about lifting each other up.  I included a link to a piece by Walter Wangerin Jr (author of Ragman) called Edification / Demolition.

I have been edified (built up) this week.  I thank God for those who show me (and others) love (“seeking and fostering the good of the other in the context of the concrete situation”).

Let’s continue to do this in the LOG community – and in the world.


Our big Nelson’s Fundraiser is this Saturday.  We could make $1500.00 or more.  Please come and help if you are able.  Please share the info with family and friends and encourage them to come get lunch from us.  Please pray that all who agreed to serve will show up and have a fun time doing it (especially if it is raining).


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