Lifting Each Other Up


An important part of who we are as a LOG community is that we lift one another up!

Each week when we meet, we help each other bear up under the stress and pressure of daily life – – we encourage each other by laughing together and working together toward our goal of growing in the love of God – – and we lift each other up to God in prayer.

We become better because of this – stronger and more whole.

As Christ-followers, we are called to lift others up – even if we are not in community with them.  We are called to love others with agape love – sacrificial love – love that “seeks and fosters the good of the other in the context of the concrete situation” (thanks Jace & Jewel).  Or using the words of M. Scott Peck that are often quoted in the Agape talk: love that is “the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth”.

Walter Wangerin Jr. (author of Ragman) wrote a fantastic short piece about building another person up:  Edification / Demolition.  It’s short, easy to read and very powerful.  (Scroll halfway down the page to find it).

– Please remember how much I need you this weekend for the Nelson’s Fundraiser.  If you signed up to serve – please do not bail out!  If you didn’t – and things change for you, please come and help.

Alumni – if you are in town, we could really use your help as well!  It takes LOTS of people (as I am sure you remember).  Text me and I’ll get you plugged in.

Participant registration is open for LOG #87 and #88 at

Check out the new pics on the photo page!

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