What Are You Doing This Weekend?

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So many options!  There are always so many possibilities from which to choose.  And we hope and pray God helps us make the best choice.

This coming weekend, I can suggest four good options.  Maybe you can’t choose all of them but I hope you can choose at least one…

Friday at 6:30pm – I’ll be going to see Makenzie Jackey in the Drowsy Chaperone at Mishsawaka High School.  Tickets are $5.00 for adults and $1.00 for students.  Bring a little extra $ so we can go out afterward.  It also shows on Saturday evening and Sunday evening.

Saturday at 6:30pm – I’ll be going to see Chris Rizzo (Aunt Judy’s husband) as he plays in the worship band “Outside of Sunday” at First Christian Church in Mishawaka. No charge – but bring a little extra $ so we can go out afterward.

Sunday has two good options.  I cannot attend both so which one I choose may depend on who wants to go with me.

Clay Church has a special evening of music and worship scheduled for 6:00pm on this coming Sunday.  Clay’s very talented worship leader Lucas Miner is moving on and this is both an evening of worship and a time of blessing for Lucas.

Kern Road Mennonite Church is presenting the drama “Listening For Grace” at 6:30pm on this coming Sunday.  The play focuses on a church faced with questions around sexuality and same-sex relationships. It’s about a father’s journey, a church’s struggle and a search for commonality.  Tickets are $4.00.  Check it out:


Please let me know if you are interested in going with me or meeting at any of these events.


Please hold Molly Malone in your heart and prayers as she undergoes surgery on Thursday, April 14.

Please hold our LOG / QUEST team in your heart and prayers as we gear up for our weekend retreat on April 29 – May 1.  Aliya, Alyssa, Andrew, Ashley, Blake, Bobbie, Connor, Emily, Erin, Frankie, Jace, Kendall, Lizzie, Ted and Theresa – along with Molly, Nan, Sara and Tim will be sharing the love of God with the middle schoolers from Immanuel United Church of Christ in Lafayette, IN.

Please hold our LOG / SOS and LOG #86 Bashor teams in your heart and prayers as we begin our team processes later this month.  Coleaders for LOG / SOS are Alyse Caurro and Kelly Decker.  Coleaders for LOG #86 are Allison Schoenfeld and Ted Lingenfelter.  Sign up to serve at http://www.michianayouth.org/team.

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  1. But will Rico be at any of these events?


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