It’s that time!

IMG_4719 copy

Ten days out – energy is building – everything is coming together.

(Actually – this photo has nothing to do with this – it was a game of “Honey, If You Love Me…”)

But this is the time of year that I feel a little bit like this.

• Will we have enough participants?
• Can we get all the project work done?
• Where is his mead form?
• Why dd she have to drop?
• What is your talk song?
• What do you mean you can’t be at the team meeting?

This is the time that I am reminded again and again that I have to trust God and rely on all the good people (adult leaders and team members) who are working together toward our common goal of “reaching youth with the love of God through weekends that can last forever”.

In a month, it will all be history.  And I’ll miss it.

And we’ll be working on QUEST – and gearing up for SOS and Bashor teams to start in May.

God is so good!

PS – it’s that time to send your blessings for the LOG weekends. Please share a favorite Scripture, song lyric or quote and why you think it might be meaningful to those of us at LOG.  You may send them to my inbox or via email please … and thank you!

Click here to see more photos from the last few weeks.

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