Can You Believe It?

img_0181_24904956685_oOur next three LOG weekends are just around the corner!

LOG #83 is March 4-6 – “Flood Our Souls” (Thrive)
– Bobbie Mammolenti & Alyssa McBride with 42 other youth and adults

LOG #84 is March 11-13 – “The Cross Already Won the War” (Greater)
– Frankie Badur & Makenzie Jackey with 29 other youth and adults

LOG #85 is March 18-20 – “Drawn To Redemption” (How He Loves)
– Wilhe Dreyer & Andy Scheel with 40 other youth and adults

** Please mark your calendars and plan to join us for Agape on each of the Saturday nights.  Set up begins at 8:00pm – Agape begins at 10:00pm

** We still need help on the Alumni Team for LOG #84 and #85.  Please contact Terry or Seth for more info.

** Please send your blessings to be shared with participants and team.  Tell us about a favorite passage of Scripture, song lyric or quote and how it might be meaningful to those of us on the weekend.

Please hold us in your heart and prayers:
– that God will lead new participants to our weekends
– that we will be able to get everything done in time
– for good health for team members as we prepare
– that God will be glorified and we will have a blast

Check out the Photo Page for picture from recent team meetings and activities


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