Hungry ______________


Hungry for a good prayer?  We prayed this at Clay Church on Sunday and I thought I’d share it (thanks Aaron Helman).  Maybe you could pray it too:  God, you are the potter and I am the clay. Allow that I may never become so hardset that I refuse to be malleable. Allow that at any moment and for any of your reasons, that I would always be willing to become what you would have me become. Remind me daily that I am not in charge, but that you are; that it’s not my will be done, but yours. God replace my foolishness with your wisdom, replace my vision with yours. Make my thoughts and deeds be yours in a world that’s hungry for you. This is my prayer for each of us today. Amen.

Hungry for snacks at LOG weekends?  Please remind your parents that we’d love to have plenty of home-made goodies at upcoming LOG weekends.  Or – do some baking yourself!

Hungry Hippo?  Check out this video from the LOG #81 overnight!

Hungry for new photos from LOG team meetings?  Check the LOG photo page!

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