Have You Heard?

We’ve got some great student leaders in LOG!

One of the hallmarks of our LOG program is that we call and empower youth to serve in leadership on our LOG teams as we prepare for and then present LOG weekends.

So far, we have had 160 youth serve as Coleader and 86 youth serve as Spirit Leader or Care Team Leader.

Here are the leaders for this LOG season:


LOG #81
Coleaders: Calla & Jace
Spirit Leader: Harper

Calla (#65p / Riley HS) and Jace (#65p / Trinity School) seemed destined to be together ever since the “marshmallow incident” on LOG #80.  Harper (#77p / St. Joe HS) is quite daring to be standing between them!


LOG #82
Coleaders: Blake & Caroline
Spirit Leader: Emily

Blake (#73 / Penn HS) and Caroline (#64p / Adams HS) are affectionately known as Bulakaline to those of the LOG #82 team.  Emily (#70p / Edwardsburg HS) is quite content to just be called Emily!

Here’s some LOG news:

• The LOG #81 and #82 teams are going to visit our new LOG home at Career Academy South Bend at 5:45pm on Thursday, October 15.  If you can’t make it, talk to Terry about possibly going another time.

• LOG #81 team overnight is Friday, October 16 at Cathedral of St. James in downtown South Bend.

• We have raised over $1000.00 by selling programs at the four Notre Dame home games this fall.  Saturday October 17 is an evening game – please help if you are able.

• LOG #82 overnight is Friday, October 30th at Evangel Heights UMC.

• 14 LOG alums donated over $300.00 to enable us to purchase five long, white folding tables to use for making the OC and the cross at Agape.  Thank you all so much!

• Seth Proctor (#8p) is putting together the alumni teams for our upcoming LOG weekends.  Contact Seth or Terry for more info and to sign up.  If you cannot make it for Alumni Team – we hope to see you for Agape on November 7 and 14.

Click here to see some photos from recent LOG team meetings

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