New Photos for a New Year of LOG

DSC_0777 (picture by Abigail Collins – age 8)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – right?
So I’ve got some pictures for you – but a few words to go along with them …
What can you tell from this first picture?
– Abby is a wonderful, budding artist
– Terry’s hair looks shorter than it has been since he was in high school
– Terry has mastered the trick of holding his guitar with one hand

If you look closely, you will notice the words “Ha Ha Ha”.  I hope Abby did not mean that I was laughing AT anyone.  I hope she meant that I was happy.

And I am …
– happy to have our LOG teams back up and running
– happy each time a receive a new participant registration
– happy that so many of you have served at the fundraisers
– happy that we have such great adult advisors
– happy to be going to LOG #7 in New Jersey next week

I hope you are happy!  And thankful!
I sure am!

One more reason to be happy & thankful:
– for Emily and Bobbie and Jason who took all the new photos on the photo page

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