You know you’re in LOG when …


A few years back, LOG alum Meryl Makielski (#17p) started a Facebook post with these words:

So what is all the rage that we’ve come to know as “LOG”? Well, most of us know that it stands for “Love Of God”, but who knows the meaning beyond the meaning?
• We love Jesus.
• We love each other.
• And we love everything that comes along with the above mentioned.

So she began a list that ended up being well over 75 entries and comments.  Some of my favorites were:

  1. You love to hug… or have had to run away from those who love it a bit too much.
  2. You’ve hugged a stranger.
  3. They’re not so strange anymore.
  4. You’ve been tempted to yell “May the Lord be with you” when you want everyone’s attention. You probably already have.
  5. You are (or were) super sad when you come to the end of your last LOG as a senior, because you’re sure that there is nothing quite like it anywhere else. (And you’re right.)

So let’s start a new one here on the MYMLOGBlog.

Add your comments below … keep scrolling, they’re down there!

Ps – You can still find the full list – although many entries won’t make sense to newer LOGgers) at


  1. Emily

    Didn’t realize how much of the original list came from me! 😛


  2. Whitney

    Travis spilled the coffee!

    You think there is nothing cuter then a L.O.Ger baby.

    You have told a stranger your entire life story at 2a.m.

    You have heard a strangers entire life story at 2a.m.

    Terry will creep at on your Facebook.

    Always forgetting to take a Tylenol before the O.C.

    Feeling at a loss for words then someone asks “what is chicken dinner?”.

    You have coined the phrase “we don’t have secrets. We only have surprises”.


    • Michael Kelly

      L.O.G truths be like…. ^^^^


  3. You know everyone is going to completely ignore any “couch rule” that’s made up (even if it’s decreed in an outrageous German accent).


  4. Also, side note, that original list is SO 90’s. Buffy? SKA?


    • Her name is Stephanie, but everyone called her Buffy!


  5. You’ve attempted to re-create the incredible Hannah-Meissner-LOG- #64-post-Agape-high-five train, but it’s never turned out quite as awesome…


  6. Lauren

    You know The Interlude may be the best dance ever.


  7. Lauren

    And the Virginia Reel is a close second.



  1. More you know you’re in LOG … | Michiana Youth Ministries

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