Dressed up – but not for meal themes!


Both LOG teams had costume nights last week.  Check out more photos at the end of this post.

But first – read this important info:

1 – Please be in prayer for us over the next two weeks.
—— LOG #75 – November 7-9 – 39 youth, 9 adults and 5 alums on team and 16 participants
—— LOG #76 – November 14-16 – 20 youth, 10 adults and 7 alums on team and 7 participants
Please pray for safety, fun, good health, deep sharing, changed lives and God’s presence throughout it all.

2 – We still need more blessings with which to “surround the participants”.  Please send yours soon.  And remember the new format:  share one of your favorite verses or quotes and tell us why you chose it to share with us in the context of a LOG weekend.

3 – Please come physically surround the participants and team with your presence and love at Agape on Saturday night.  Arrive about 9:30pm – we come down the hall at 10pm.  If you want to help us set up, please contact Terry to let us know you are going to be there.  And – please do stay to help get everything cleaned up afterward.  Many hands make light work!  Remember that agape means sacrificial love.

4 – This fall, our post-LOG reunion / fundraisers will be at Logan’s Roadhouse instead of Hacienda.  We hope there will be more room to visit with each other.  Pick whichever date works best for you – or come to both:  Monday, November 17 (LOG #75) or Monday, November 24 (LOG #76).















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