It’s time! In fact, it’s almost too late!

LOG #75 has eleven participants – seven of whom are confirmed.
Confirmed / Paid:
Eric Bosler, 10-Cassopolis HS
Mary Claire Burnett, 10-Adams HS
Daniel Butcher, 10-Granger Christian
Ricardo Carbajal-Diaz, 10-Riley HS
Erin Pinter, 10-Adams HS
Abigail Pitts, 11-Penn HS
Jack Stone, 10-Clay HS

Not Confirmed:
Liz Carrier, 10-Penn HS
Jalyn Doyle, 11-St. Joe HS
Cameron Pickard, 12-Clay HS
Danielle Scheel, 09-Penn HS

LOG #76 has seven participants – two of whom are confirmed.
Confirmed / Paid:
Chloe Hanstra, 10-Edwardsburg HS
Leslie Lehner, 09-Penn HS

Not Confirmed:
Korah Allen, 12-Penn HS
Arden Braund, 11-Clay HS
Austin Holte, 12-Penn HS
Barbara Reese, 11-Edwardsburg HS
Mikaila Richard, 11-Penn HS

It’s time to get your participants registered and confirmed!  NOW!
It’s almost too late!  LOG is less than one month away.

So do what you have to do …


Get in their face!  (nicely, of course)


Give them something they want!  (appropriately, of course)


Express your love for them!  (which is really just an expression of God’s love, right?)

But do it NOW!

The discounted registration fee ($130 reduced to $90) officially expires today.
– LOG #76 deadline extended until the overnight (11/17)
– LOG #75 deadline extended until our meeting on Sunday (11/19)

Contact Terry if you have any questions …


Photos from recent LOG team meetings …

IMG_1319 IMG_1261 IMG_1317 IMG_1258 IMG_1250 IMG_1312 IMG_1316

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