Random Thoughts and Photos


Here are a few thoughts I’ve had over the past couple weeks but haven’t made the time to “blog” about …

• Thanks to all who have served at one of the events so far this fall!
—- Two NDU games have raised about $600 so far – two more games this month.
—- The Nelson’s Porta-Pit event raised about $1400.
—- The Bashor Game Day was a blast x 4 (the number of times we did each game.

• Thanks to all who said I could follow them on Twitter and Instagram!
—- If you asked me not to follow you – I won’t.  But please be sure you follow me!
—- I’m really not doing it to check up on you – just to get info to as many people as possible.
—- But I do wonder what you are hiding ….?

• Thanks to all who voted for me in the Mutual Bank “Better Life Awards” contest!
—- Winners will be announced at an award dinner on Saturday, October 18.
—- You all should get an award – for making my life better!

• It’s time to get those participants signed up!
—- LOG #75 has three and LOG #76 has one.
—- The registration fee goes up from $90 to $130 on October 14.

• Please be sure to bring your $80 team fee and new medical form to the next Team meeting!
—- LOG #76 team – you will get it on Thursday and can bring it back a week later please.
—- And encourage your parents to register for the U Can PAINT 2 fundraiser on October 24.
—- This an adult event!

• Thanks to our supportive LOG alums – from way back to as early as LOG #1!
—- In honor of LOG #75 (and #76) we have begun a Roots Alumni Fund.
—- Alums are becoming the “roots” that will enable LOG to continue to grow and bear fruit.
—- Check it out at the Alumni-Roots page.


Hear are some photos that have been taken at LOG #75 and #76 team meetings over the past few weeks:

IMG_1546 IMG_1545

10350616_1553451088210870_8385949623012970320_n 10708120_1553451041544208_10498573_n

Connor and Emy Bella and Josh

IMG_7641 My personal fav. Blog for sure!

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