Proof that the LOG #76 Team Actually Exists


We finally managed to get a camera (or two – thanks, Morgan) to the third meeting of the LOG #76 team.

Follow the link (below) to the Photo Page to see pics of the last LOG #76 and LOG #75 team meetings.

But first – be sure to check out the important info below …

Thanks to all those who have served by selling Game Day programs at the first two Notre Dame home football games!  We have raised about $550.00 so far.  The next games are on October 4 and October 11.

Our Nelson’s Porta-Pit Fundraiser is coming on Saturday, September 20th.  Please do your very best to sell your tickets and bring the money to our next meeting.  We need as many people as we can get to help on the day of the event.  If you haven’t signed up at at team meeting, please contact Terry asap.

Click here to download a LOG 75:76 Registration form

Here’s the link to the Photo Page

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