LOG #75 (can you believe it?)

LOG #1 was in 1997 – – when 30+ high schoolers and adults flew in from Goleta, CA to present our very first LOG.

Goleta LOG will have their LOG #50 one week after our LOG #75.  They only have two LOGs each year, so we surpassed them a few years ago.

LOG #75 had their first meeting last weekend – with 39 teenagers and nine adults serving on team.  Camera-man Jace Longenecker (along with help from Makenzie Jackey) caught some pics of team members enjoying their first time together for the fall – – check them out at the end of this post!

But first – check out some important info …


Notre Dame Football Program Sales Fundraiser

MYM can earn $1000.00 or more just by selling game-day programs at ND home football games.  It’s simple and fun – especially if you like to people-watch.  And it’s even more fun if there are a batch of folks doing it together.

There are six home games this season.  The first two are right away: this weekend and next.  Then there’s a few weeks off before two more at the end of September / early October.  Then the last two are late in November – one during LOG #76 and then one on the weekend after.

This is not a great schedule for us – with two in late November.  Those games may well be cold and rainy.  So I really need us to hit these first four games hard!  We need as many people as possible to help us earn some much needed cash.

The more people that help – the more programs we can sell – the more money we raise.  Each person can usually sell 20-25 programs.  So if you really can’t / don’t want to help with any of the games, you can just donate the $25.00 you would have earned for us 🙂

Seriously – please set aside at least one Saturday to help.  There are over 70 teenagers on team this fall.  If each one sold 25 programs at one game, we’d raise $1875.00!

I can still use some more people for the first game this weekend.  Please call or text me if you can help. 274-5990


Another Big Fundraiser This Fall

We have scheduled a Nelson’s BBQ Chicken fundraiser for Saturday, September 20.  I will be asking each of you to sell some tickets to family and neighbors – and to come work the event by holding signs to attract the attention of passing motorists.  Watch for more info soon.


Sorry For All the Focus on Fundraising

But look at it like this:  it is FUN-raising.

The fun we have as a LOG community costs money.  We have to raise about $60,000 each year to cover the costs of the LOG weekends and other programs we offer – the amount team and participants pay doesn’t equal the real cost.

So we do FUN-raising – – doing whatever we can to be sure we have enough money to keep MYM alive and well – – and fun!

Please help us in whatever way you are able!


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