August Update


We had a great time playing capture the flag and hanging out at Seth’s parents’ home!

Sunday, August 10 –
7pm – 9pm at Firehouse Youth Center at Clay Church
Bring your voices, instruments and friends and spend an evening singing through the songbook!  You get to choose what we sing…

Thursday, August 14 – Sunday, August 17 –
L•4•G #17  (Love•4•God and Lead•4•God)
Faith Community Church in Elkhart
Our annual focus on how to love God back (we love because God first loved us) and a new focus on using your gifts to lead for God.
We’ll gather on Thursday evening with friends from Indiana and New Jersey.  Friday will be led by Rev. Kim Bloom from Clay Church and Saturday will be led by Betsy Bontrager from Ulead in Milford, IN.  Sunday morning, we’ll worship with Faith Community Church before heading for home at 12:00noon.
Although the registration deadline has passed, if money is the only thing keeping you from joining us, please contact Terry right away.

Sunday, August 24
Bashor Sunday at Evangel Heights UMC
Terry will be leading worship and the young people from Bashor will be attending the 11:00am worship service.  We are invited to stay for lunch after worship.  If you’d like to go with the Bashor youth to the Silverhawks Game – please let Terry know ASAP.

LOG Teams about to begin!
Teams for LOG #75 and #76 will begin at the end of August!  LOG #75 is full and has a waiting list.  LOG #76 still needs more people in order to be able to move forward.  If you haven’t signed up for team – or are will to switch to LOG #76 – please contact Terry or the Coleaders ASAP.

LOG #75
Sunday team meetings – 2-4pm at Firehouse
November 7-9, 204
Coleaders: Grace Landry & Kristen Lentsch

LOG #76
Thursday team meetings – 7-9pm at Evangel Heights UMC
November 14-16, 2014
Bella Bumbaca & Shelby Mecklenburg

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