SOARing On …


We recognized and celebrated our graduating seniors this past weekend!

We looked back and remembered.
We looked forward and sought God’s leading.
We received wisdom and insight from Alex and Anna and Chris and Amelia.
The community blessed the seniors and the seniors blessed the community.
We loved with the love of God.

We decided that LOG is like a visit to your grandma’s house
– full of hugs and cookies.  (thanks, Wyatt!)

Sierra wrote this:
We are the family of God, surrounded by Your grace.  We light the fire in weary souls and push back the darkness.  And even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we still light up the darkness because love is a circle and what you give you will feel.  So if the Lord should bring us back together, may we be in His arms ’til then.

And we affirmed that you may move on beyond LOG, but you never have to leave.

SOAR is over for this year, but there’s still lots of ways for our seniors (and everyone else) to stay connected over the summer.  Watch for another post soon re: Summer Sundays and the occasional Alumni Gatherings.

And these specific events happening very soon:

Friday, May 30 – LOG SOS Team Overnight at EHUM

Saturday, May 31 – E-waste recycling and BBQ Ribs event at EHUM (need your help)

Friday, June 6 – LOG #74 Team overnight at EHUM

Saturday, June 7 – LOG #74 Sneak Peak at Bashor

June 12-15 – Summer Of Service Student Weekend at Bethel College

June 27-29 – LOG #74 at Bashor Home (remember Agape begins at 8:00pm)



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